Preparing your Home for Sale August 14, 2018 by jgreenspan


If you have a patio such as brick or stone you should invest in a good powerwashing if it hasn't been done in a few years.Clean up your patio furniture by scrubbing it with a heavy duty sponge and cleaner - then hose off! Replace any bulbs in the backyard lighting scheme or , if need be, buy a new fixture/s.  If you have a pool and the weather is warm and pool is open, make sure it's clean!  Do some extra skimming and make sure the filters are working.  Do this especially when you know you have a showing to a potential buyer!
Windows are very important, and frequently overlooked!  Replace any torn or broken screens.  If you can't do windows yourself, hire someone who can.  Clean and sparkling windows on the inside and out will be pleasantly noticed.  If you have draperies around windows, and they've seen much better days, take them off!  You don't need them unless they are custom and eye catching and in very good shape. A quick fix inside that makes a world of difference is replacing old hardware on doors, in bathrooms and in your kitchen!  Take some time to search for beautiful handles and pulls for the kitchen, believe me, it will be noticed! These are all quick and inexpensive fixes that will help you get the price you want for your home! Good luck!
More hints to come!

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