How to Get your Home in Tip Top Shape August 5, 2018 by jgreenspan

Hello potential sellers! Here are some tips that will help you get the biggest
investment you have, your home, in tip-top shape!

Most bang for your buck? Paint!! A good paint job on all your rooms or even a few, will make a world of difference!Try lighter color palettes which will bring a sense of tranquility and add some neutrality to the home. Light greys and pale greens are now trending. However, don't miss the opportunity to use whites!! There are more shades of white now than ever before. Explore them all. Most decorators will agree that white enhances most decors. As for your exterior, I would suggest asking for help with this painting. Especially near your front entrance. Trim is so important on your exteriors as well as interiors.

Now that we have mentioned front entrances, replace an old front entrance door with a new one! What a difference it will make! It is the first thing that your buyers will see so it will pay dividends. Of course if you can't afford a brand new door (which can range from 1,000 - 2,500 plus) then paint your old door! Add a pop of color to it! Red is fun and so are dark navy and dark green. If you are very avant garde then go forlime green or an acqua color! Fix your broken doorbells or replace them. That goes for front lighting at your door. Replace bulbs or get a new fixture for less than $100. Also if your mailbox is near your front door, and it's old, and we don't mean collectible old, replace it! Also replace an old doormat and don't forget to trim any hedges or bushes or plants around the front of your home! Overgrown shrubbery is a big turnoff to buyers.

Moving on to your driveway, consider replacing if it is really in bad shape.Yes it might cost 3000 - 6000 but the return on your investment will be amazing!Your garage doesn't have to be immaculate, it's a garage remember, but give it a good brooming out. If you have oil stains scrub them out as much as possible. Also if your garage connects to your house via a door, then make sure that door is in good working order and looks clean.Repair fences and perhaps stain or paint them if need be.Clean your gutters out! Also, trim any tree branches back away from your roof!There are more tips coming. These are the most basic of tips that will help you, Mr & Mrs Seller to sell your home for top dollar!


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